Revamping my Wardrobe in 2019

Something I wrote down in my goal planning guide was to hire a stylist to help me “fix” my closet. What the heck do I mean by that? I have ALWAYS bought things for my house, but never for my body! I want my clothes to reflect my style and taste the same way my house does. A lot more people see me than my house (in person at least lol). I want my clothes to make me feel confident and good in my own skin. I want them to scream “Miranda,” and right now, they don’t.

I’ve been weeding out my closet over the last year getting rid of things I don’t wear or things that don’t feel like me or my style. This year, I learned that I like simple and solid colored clothes. Black is my number one choice, and I’m gladly embracing it. I love my jean jacket and jump at the opportunity to wear a hat. I’m very lacking in accessories. I literally own 5 pieces of jewelry and that includes my engagement ring!

I’m gathering some inspiration:

Outfit 4.jpg
Outfit 3.jpg

Guys, let’s face it, I will never be a fashion blogger. Working from home has made my fashion sense even worse than it was before. At least I used to get dressed! Now, I find myself changing out of my robe around 3PM so I can put on yoga pants and go to the gym. That said, when I do have the chance to get dressed, I want to enjoy it!

I’m excited to work with the girls at Barley Wheat Vintage to design a wardrobe that I love. One that reflects my style, taste, creativity, and personality. This new year is all about owning who I am inside and out, and there is no better way to do that than with a wardrobe refresh!

Preliminary Shopping List:

Untitled design (6).png

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