My Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

Last weekend, I started working on our kitchen. You guys, this was not planned at all. I had a can of paint out working on a project upstairs and somehow I made my way into the kitchen & started tackling the trim. I already knew I wanted to use that paint color in satin, and that's what I had out, so... why not? Um... maybe because a kitchen renovation is NO JOKE! But, alas, I am crazy.

I've had a vision for our kitchen since we moved in, but now that I'm committed to getting this thing renovated and put back together, I have to get serious about the design, layout, and finishes.  Andrew and I are obsessed with black and white, wood tones, and different metals, so all of that is going to be incorporated into this tiny box of a kitchen. Good thing the kitchen is tiny because so is our budget. 

Gorgeous Kitchen Design by  blair Harris

Gorgeous Kitchen Design by blair Harris

I'm clearly in love with black cabinets. I plan to paint ours Behr Limousine Leather. The same color we have in our dining room. The walls, trim, and wainscoting are already being painted with Behr Polar Bear White which can be found throughout my ENTIRE house. I've found that it's the perfect white, not blinding, but no yellow tint. No doubt about it, I am subway tiling the crap out of the walls with cabinets, and I am envisioning a medium grey grout. 

Design by the talented  studio mcgee

Design by the talented studio mcgee

I also have to make room for a microwave because we don't currently have one. No microwave was EXTREMELY hard to get used to, but now I don't even notice (minus when I want to warm up my coffee). The previous owners had their microwave on a little cart in front of the massive windows (which is just weird). I'm also adding a pantry because I am DONE having food where I want to put dishes! We already have a stainless dishwasher & refrigerator. We are replacing our white stove with a brand new stainless one that my parents pulled out prior to their fancy kitchen renovation (yay free appliance). None of them are the same brand which drives me a little crazy, but all stainless will work. 

Found on  pinterest

Found on pinterest

I jumped for joy when I pulled up the linoleum to find the original oak floors. We are going to give refinishing them ourselves a go. Fingers crossed that they are salvageable. If not I am thinking a patterned black and white tile or potentially painting the hardwood to resemble tile. I'm a on a budget people!

Image found on homebunchnet

Image found on homebunchnet

As you can see, I'm all about contrast, dark & moody, brass accents, and vintage rugs (duh). I don't want our kitchen to lose it's cozy 1888 charm, so nothing too stark or modern will be happening in here.

I'm all about doing things as affordable as possible. The only thing I plan to splurge on are the stone counter tops. We have to sell this house in two years, and I know that will will be a smart investment. Everything else, I am scouring the Internet & big box stores for deals. Stay tuned for a post on my renovation shopping list (with prices). You might want to steal a thing or two!