Kitchen Renovation Updates

Time for a little kitchen renovation up date. I officially have all of the trim, walls, and ceiling painted polar bear white by Behr. I'm obsessed with this paint color (or lack of color, I guess). It's in every single room in our house.

Another huge area of progress was the floor! I ripped up all of the linoleum and it's been hauled away. The original wood floors are amazing and we haven't decided what exactly we want to do with them yet. We also picked up our "new" & FREE stainless steel stove to replace our white one. Thanks mom and dad for replacing your nice stove with a super fancy one. It's the only appliance in our kitchen that isn't stainless. The fact that every appliance we own is a different brand drives me a little coo coo, but beggars can't be choosers. Fun story, last night we finally took the stove out of the back of my SUV. We got it into the street & I couldn't pick it up. It was wayyy too heavy, so Andrew had  to knock on the neighbor's door with an SOS. I now have a stove in my dining room. 

Next up is tackling the cabinets. I have all of them off of their hinges, a few sanded, and a couple painted (but only on one side). I'm stripping the paint off of the brass hinges in a crockpot as I type this. I did finish painting the actual cabinets themselves & oh my goodness, it's already made a major, major difference. 

Thoughtfully Thrifted Kitchen Renovation

I purchased a flush mount at Home Depot to replace the disgusting ceiling fan. There is something so gross about ceiling fans in the kitchen. Ceiling fans are MAJOR dust collectors. You turn that baby on and you are sprinkling dust all over your chicken parmesan. Thank you sexy boyfriend for helping me get rid of that thing & install the new light.


We have 9ft ceiling in the kitchen and getting rid of the low hanging ceiling fan and replacing it with this flush mount completely opened up the space. I didn't like the brushed nickel, so I gave it a coat of black spray paint. For $49.00 it made perfect sense. I'm on a tight budget people. The flashpoint is also LED which is pretty darn nifty. It doesn't require a lightbulb and provides energy savings. 

I'm finalizing my choice of lighting for over the sink (shown above), antique brass pulls (actually found some these very similar at Menards), the sink itself, and the faucet. I installed the Krause sink below in my first house & I absolutely loved it. I considered making our undermount sink a little smaller to free up more counterspace, but Andrew said "no." I make it out to be such a bummer, but I promise he's not! 

We went and browsed granite selections a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there were only a few slabs we could choose from because we aren't meeting a minimum purchase requirement. We can thank our tiny kitchen for that. There was a remnant I fell in love with, but we just couldn't commit to it. Now we are playing with the idea of white granite counters. I think white will work. 


Even after pinning tons of furnished bay window examples on Pinterest, I’m still kind of stumped when it comes to furnishing this space. I’m really trying to think about the functionality of it and if we would ever use it. For example, we already have a large sectional. If we put a curved sofa in the window would anyone use it? I have so many questions and refuse to buy something that is just for looks. The space needs to be functional to justify furnishing it! If you have any ideas at all, please drop them in the comments!

We are hosting a party in July. Call me crazy, but my goal is to have this thing put back together by then. Until next time friends.