12 Books I Want to Read This Year

12 Books to Read this Year if You are An Entrepreneur | Miranda Schroeder Blog

I can devour a good, motivational, entrepreneur or self-help book in one to two sittings. This year, I read (more like listened) to tons of them, and this year, I plan to do the same! I’ve been saving Instagram posts of book recommendations the last few months to create my reading list for the coming year. And, since I drive a lot, I’m always looking for audiobooks. My goal for 2019 is one book per month. I far surpassed that that in 2018, but I want to be conscious of taking a break from the screen & actually picking up a book.

Books to Read in 2019

#1 The Art of Spiritual Healing, Goldsmith

#2 Copy That Sells - Ray Edwards

#3 Building a Story Brand - Donald Miller

#4 Recovery - Russel Brand

#5 A Mind at Home with Itself - Byron Katie

#6 Almost Everything - Anne Lamott

#7 More Together Than Alone - Mark Nepo

#8 Becoming - Michelle Obama

#9 Four Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss

#10 Creating Money - Sanya Roman

#11 Sacred Success - Barbara Stanny

#12 My Friend Fear - Meera Lee Patel

I just finished Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and it was mind blowing. Honestly, this book deserves an entire blog post. The entire concept is about how to be vulnerable and authentic in life. It was SO good you guys. Truly a must read.

I’m currently reading Lysa TerKeurst’s This is Not How It’s Supposed to Be. I randomly picked this up the other day in Hobby Lobby. I had no idea her husband had left her. I’m only a couple chapters in, so will report on this one.


I love reading & listening to personal development books. It’s an addiction really. If you have any favorite books on mindset, money, entrepreneurship, work life balance, or personal development, drop the names and authors in the comments!