Inspiration for a Cozy, Fall Master Bedroom Refresh

Our bedroom has gone through quite a few "phases" since we moved in last fall. I've recapped them below for your amusement. That said, I'm finally feeling like I have a vision for this house and the vibe I want to go for. I truly believe design is a journey and not a destination. My tastes have changed a lot through the last few years, but lately, I'm feeling confident in what I like and what I don't like. And... I have a confession about that: I'm graduating from my vintage, rattan obsession. There, I said it and it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I look back at these pictures and it is crazy how a room evolves. Sometimes you go in one direction simply to realize you want to start over again, and there is nothing wrong with that! Design is like a never ending experiment. Okay. let's dive into our bedroom progress over the last year!


The first thing we did when we moved in was paint the light blue bedroom. It had to go. We used my favorite white paint, Behr Marquee Eggshell in Polar Bear White. My entire house is basically this color. It's a great white. Not too bright and no ugly undertones. My friend Lauren tried tons white paint before I suggested this to her and by the end, she was just as obsessed as me! Confession: We still haven't painted the ceiling or the trim. 


I really want our house to feel a bit more modern, crisp, industrial, and edgy, which doesn't exactly scream wall hangings, bamboo, and wicker (Don't get me wrong, I still love those things). With that in mind, I want to start in our bedroom. A few months ago, we DIY'd industrial, shelf nightstands, and they 100% capture the direction I want to go in. I loved these shelves so much that we also installed one in my office, and we plan to add some in the bathroom as well. A blog on those to come! PS: You can shop that pretty rug above here.


I made our room a little more cozy for winter. Extra blankets, throws, rugs, and plants. 


When summer rolled around, I wanted to go for something a little lighter and more minimal in this room. I swapped out the comforter for this white Hanes comfroter from Downlite bedding, removed some clutter, and shuffled the plants. Around this time, I finally convinced Andrew to hang our Edison bulb lights form (which I had purchased months ago). 


I digress, back to the bedroom vision. We purchased a new mattress from Tuft & Needle when we moved in and ordered a low cost platform bed frame from Wayfair to toss it on. The mattress has been wonderful, but it deserves a legitimate bed frame. I ordered a new, metal bed frame below from Wayfair about 10 minutes ago! The metal gives me all the industrial feels and the design is a modern twist on the vintage style bed frame. This will compliment all the wood and the industrial nightstands we have in our master. 



I've always, always wanted linen bedding. it's perfectly casual and extremely comfortable for every season. I purchased a gray linen duvet cover for the spare bedroom/office earlier this year and it's amazing. I wish I could order the same exact set in white, but Target has been out of stock for a century. I'm currently looking at other linen bedding options like Piglet bedding. I would love a true white vs. a more cream tone. Of course, new bedding calls for new throw pillows. I'm thinking a mix of vintage rug pillows and mud cloth. The search for bedding continues! 

Image Credit: Coco Lapine Design

Of course, the rug will be the star of the show. Paired with a more industrial, minimal style, the Persian rug will add warmth and coziness to the space.  I'm ready to splurge on my dream rug. I mean, being a vintage rug shop owner, I feel like I have the right! I want to go with a large, antique Heriz for under the bed. Something red, but very worn (what I like to call "loved on"). This will compliment the white walls and pops of black metal.  I'm having the hardest time pulling the trigger! 

Bedroom Persian Rug.jpg


image credit:  magnolia

image credit: magnolia

That covers half of our master. The other half of the room is basically empty, minus our dressers. There is a cute little window nook begging for a lounge chair and side table, and I'm eager to decorate the dressers (sorry babe, you are going to have to clean all your crap off the top of yours). Andrew asked if we could put a picture of us over his dresser. Oh my heart, so that is the plan for his side. Typing all of this out I'm thinking, "Why is this room so big. So much room for activities." 

If we weren't planning and paying for a wedding right now, i would promise you this room done in a month or two, but alas, we are throwing a beautiful celebration in the spring, so this refresh might push into winter. Nothing wrong with that! It's all about progress not perfection around here! Cheers.