The Best Kept Secret to Crazy Smooth Skin

The Best Kept Secret to Crazy Smooth Skin | Miranda Schroeder Blog |

About a month ago, I was staying with a friend at her apartment and discovered her Foreo LUNA Mini facial spa massager and cleanser and my skincare routine was forever changed. I went back home, bought the Luna Mini 2 from Ulta and my skin feels smoother than it ever has in my entire life just by using it once a day in the shower with a light cleanser. I never knew my skin could feel so soft!

I like to joke that it’s a sex toy for your face. It has eight adjustable “massage intensities” you can set as you cleanse your skin. It is also designed with three different “roughness” options for different areas of your face. I like to use the very tip to get an extra scrub on my T-zone. Not only does it cleanse your face and rid all of your makeup and build up, it also just feels SO good. Even Andrew raved about using it.

I have always struggled with mild acne, even in adulthood. It runs in my family, so I thought maybe I was just stuck with breakout prone skin, but I’m starting to think I was breaking out because I wasn’t get my skin thoroughly cleansed after wearing makeup. The LUNA play is an absolute game changer for taking off your foundation and other full coverage products. When I get out of the shower after using the Luna Mini with a light cleanser, I take a makeup wipe to my eyes, but it’s easy to see that my foundation is already off! I 100% believe this little guy (or gal) is contributing to my new found clear skin.

Living in the Midwest, another thing I have always struggled with is dry winter skin. I’m finding that using the Luna Mini helps exfoliate, so when I do put on facial moisturizer, I’m not just applying it over dry flakey skin. It’s been a huge help in keeping my face moisturized throughout the day.

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Right now, I cleanse in the shower with an Aveeno MaxGlow Micellar Cleanser and my Luna Mini, moisturize with the Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer, and then finish with a Lola Jane Naturals facial serum (which I HIGHLY recommend). I also love their rose water facial mist for freshening up throughout the day. Now that my skin is naturally soft, my makeup goes on so smooth and beautiful! Another huge benefit of using this little gadget. My skincare routine is so simple, and I swear the LUNA play makes ALL the difference.