How to Put Yourself "Out" There

You guys, I was shocked by the responses I got the last time I did a “ask me anything” on Instagram. Do you know what the number one thing that people wanted to know? They wanted to know how to put themselves out there… How to be comfortable in their own skin on social media. This surprised me, but then again I’ve had many social media clients struggle with this same thing in the past.

I’ve always been an “over sharer.” I will talk to you about anything, like the fact my future husband and I met on a double date. That said, I struggled with this same problem in front of my phone camera! When I first started sharing on Instagram, as soon as I started recording to take a story or a video, I acted all stiff and weird. I sound rehearsed (which is NOT me at all).

I just finished the book Unf*ck Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life on my way down to Indianapolis and it couldn’t have been a more timely read as I write this post. The author, Gary Bishop, talks about thoughts vs. action and how action (not thought) is what TRULY dictates our life. I loved this fresh approach to tackling your biggest goals.

Being You is Your Superpower

This same mentality comes into play when you think about “putting yourself out there.” I can’t be 100% sure what you guys mean by that, but I’m going to use my client as a reference. She came to me wanting to grow her Instagram account. We talked a lot about her brand. I am firm believer that YOU make your business and your social media unique. There are hundreds of home decor accounts, interior designers, and bloggers out there, but none of them are YOU.

Being YOU is your superpower. If you don’t show YOU on your social media than you are leaving so much differentiation on the table! People follow people. Yes, they might start following for the home decor, but they will stay for the person behind it. They will stay for the hands that choose and place every color, textile, and piece of furniture. I promise you.

You have to get over the mind blocks to let your personality shine on social media.

Here are some common mind blocks you might be facing:

  • Comparing yourself to other “influencers” on social media

  • Discrediting your talents and abilities

  • Worrying about what other people think (especially people you know IRL)

  • Fearing judgment about your passions/opinions etc.

Back to the book I just finished. Bishop has an entire chapter explaining that our thoughts are NOT our lives. Our actions are our lives. You may never get over the mind blocks listed above. WHO CARES. Do it anyways. Jump on stories anyways. Go live anyways. Be scared shitless, but DO IT. If you want to build a community. If you want to grow your brand and connect. If you want to form REAL relationships. You have to be YOU and you have to SHARE you.

I’m not telling you that you need to write a novel about how you struggled through childhood and early adulthood like I did, but if you want to, march through the fear and do it. We all have our own beliefs on what is the right or wrong amount to share when it comes to our personal lives. I’m not talking about what we are COMFORTABLE sharing. I’m talking about what we value as completely personal or something that can be shared with others.

You Have to Get Uncomfortable

There isn’t anything comfortable about sharing the pain and heartache you went through. I share those things because I want people to feel like they aren’t alone. I want people to know that their past does NOT define their present or their future. I believe that sharing these intricacies of my life may give someone else hope.

In his book, Bishop talks about being comfortable and how we have to push past our comfort levels to break through to new heights. I believe this is also true of growing your social media platform. I got over my fear of doing stories by doing stories. I’m still weird about taking photos for my Instagram feed that have me in them, but I’m starting to do it more and more. I know I need to show myself on my feed more, one because I want you guys to know more than my house, and two, because brands like to have you in the photos with their products.

For all my social, blogging, business babes:

If you are READY to put yourself out there. To build a community, a brand, a social media following around your unique personality, my one-on-one Instagram Intensive program is perfect for you. I’ll help you move past the fear and the mind blocks to start putting yourself “out there.” Not only that, but we will walk through all of the details around your business goals, your brand, hashtags, content planning, and more. You can enroll here. Can’t wait to work with you :)

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