I'm on a Little White Dress Search

I am having way too much fun dress shopping for the wedding! My ceremony wedding gown is with the seamstress, and I had ordered another dress for the reception and found out today that it is discontinued. My heart is crushed! Back to the drawing board for my second dress.

You might be thinking it’s ridiculous to have two wedding dresses, but we are getting married in Mexico and it’s going to be HOT. I had purchased my ceremony dress for my last wedding which was called off. I went back and fourth for months whether I would wear the dress or not, but in the end, I decided to wear it to save money. Anyways, that is why my dress is not exactly the right one for Mexico!

So now, I am on the hunt for TONS of white dresses.

I need a bridal shower dress, a bachelorette party dress, a rehearsal dress, and a reception dress. Ummm… that is four white dresses. I’m thinking cocktail length. I have a really long torso and shorter legs, so anything in between short and really long is a no go!

Looking at all of these dresses made me realize, I also need some killer shoes. Just add those onto the list!

Wedding planning is seriously a full time job. If you haven’t checked out our wedding mood board with a sneak peak of our venue, you can do so here! And helpppp me find white dresses! TIA

Okay, white dress update! After I shared on Instagram that I was looking for white dresses, you guys came to the rescue.

TONS of people recommended I check out Lulu’s

And then, my friend ironically texted me a link to a dress from there the same day. She was like, “I wish I knew about this website for my wedding dress! I would have saved so much money.” So would have I the first time around lol.

I will say, there was one annoying thing about the website. A lot of the dresses I wanted were out of stock. It was a little frustrating to fall in love with something and then not be able to get it for two months. It also made it a little difficult to filter through what I could actually buy (and in my size). All of that said, I love the dresses I picked and the prices were absolutely, hands down, unbeatable!

I’m getting ready to order four white dresses from there as we speak! I have no idea which one I am wearing to what but I have our courthouse wedding (cold in Michigan), the bridal shower, bachelorette party (In Mexico), and cocktail welcome reception (Also, in Mexico). If you have favorites for certain occasions, let me hear it! You guys know, I’m not a fashionista over here. This is seriously the most clothes I’ve bought in a year.

You can click on any of them to shop or see more details!

Now, I wait very impatiently for all of these to arrive at my doorstep so I can play dress up! Shipping was free AND I got $15 off my order (hands in the air emoji). You can take $15 off, too! Their already crazy affordable prices!

I also stumbled upon some strappy, velvet heels that I kind of want to order. I’ve spent way too much time shopping today, but I might stay up all night and look at bikinis on this website. Their clothes are SO cute and so cheap, I can’t help myself. Also, every item has reviews and photos from real customers and everyone is saying the quality is amazing as well. That makes me feel assured! I’ll let you guys know my opinion and show you the dresses on me when they arrive!

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