Our Narrow Entryway Inspiration + Console Tables

This weekend, I started refreshing our main entryway. I was itching for a house project, but needed to spend as little money as humanly possible (wedding planning probs). It’s a space we haven’t touched since we moved in. When you open our front door, the staircase is beautiful, but the space is tight, and the walls were a light purple. To top it off, we still have the midget, cheetah curtain that came with the house covering the window next to the front door.


I found one gallon of leftover, white, eggshell paint in what I like to call our garage closet. The garage closet is home to everything that belongs in a garage, and it stresses me out every time I open it. I pulled out the paint can Saturday afternoon and painted until I ran out.

This entire time, I had thought the metal things flanking the front door were sconces, but turns out, they were freaking candles! Those came off the wall against Andrew’s wishes. He claims they would look really cool burning during a party (maybe until someone catches their hair on fire).


Entryway & Staircase Inspiration

My biggest inspiration for this space is Whitney’s gorgeous staircase. Her entire home is inspiration for me. I’m obsessed with her color combos, fixtures, and every little decor detail in her home. Her white staircase pops against a dark background, and that is exactly what I want ours to do! Here, she has this space adorably decorated for fall.

As soon as the white paint started to dry in our entryway, I was on the hunt for pieces to style it with. I browsed decorated entryways on Pinterest for at least an hour. I knew I needed something higher than a bench to fit our space.

Image Credit: Unknown on  Pinterest

Image Credit: Unknown on Pinterest

Image Credit:  Domino Mag

Image Credit: Domino Mag

I got stuck on a narrow, black console table for under the staircase. With our entryway being more of a hallway, the piece really needed to be super skinny. A lightbulb ended up going off that I already had a piece like this! I moved our narrow, black bookcase under the stairway, and it’s perfect. I get tons of questions about that silly, little bookcase. I picked it up at a Goodwill a year ago. It was in rough shape with cartoon stickers and chipping off-white paint.

Some of my favorite entryway tables below! Click on them to shop.


Once I finish painting & styling this space, I will share it with a cost breakdown! I know I need at least two more gallons of paint, some artwork, and a coat hook. Stay tuned.

XX Miranda