Stylish Laptop Bags: Weekly Round Up

Stylish Laptop Bags: Weekly Round Up | 9 Stylish Laptop Bags for Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Women

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I’m excited to introduce my weekly round up series! Each week, I’ll be curating a collection of my favorite finds. They will range from furniture, home decor, beauty products, clothes, accessories, and business/blogger must haves. The categories are quite endless!

I use my backpack ALL of the time. I always travel with it, and I use it to carry my laptop and planner around to coffee shops and such. This week, I am on the hunt for a stylish business bag. I currently carry my laptop in a kids backpack. I can’t even make that up people! I got it at a garage sale a couple years ago. I think it’s time to upgrade to something a bit more professional…

Personally, I prefer a backpack over a brief case, shoulder bag. For work, I often travel around to hospitals and holding a bag on your shoulder for over an hour is NOT comfortable. My life changed when I switched from a shoulder bag to a backpack. When I am out and about working, I often leave my purse at home and simply drop my wallet into my backpack. Here are some of my favorites laptop bag finds in both backpack and shoulder bag styles! I included some casual options, business casual options, and a couple more professional briefcase styles.


As a blogger, business owner, and entrepreneur, it’s likely you carry your laptop with you EVERYWHERE. A stylish bag to carry it in is a must have! One, it keeps your laptop safe and protected and two, it doesn’t have to ruin your cute outfit (like my kids, garage sale backpack).