Instagram Intensive

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Instagram Intensive


Exclusive one-on-one program where we brainstorm a kick ass Instagram marketing plan so you can hit the ground running. We cover everything from how your Instagram strategy aligns with your business goals, all the way down to the right hashtags to use.

Instagram is a long-term game. I’m not here to sell you something that will gain you 2,000 fake followers over night. This one-on-one program is all about building REAL relationships and community online through embracing YOUR unique brand personality.

The program consists of six online sessions where we:

  • Audit your current strategy

  • Align your business goals & objectives

  • Review your analytics

  • Create KPIs

  • Profile your ideal customer

  • Refresh your bio & CTAs

  • Determine your branding

  • Select the right hashtags

  • Plan for intentional engagement

  • Create a content plan with all the right tools

You will walk away feeling like a total Instagram expert ready to make the sales start rolling in. But remember, this strategy only works if you do, so when you hit that purchase button make the commitment to stick with this program for the long haul. You will be so glad you did!

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